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The Calling You Can’t Ignore

Have you ever felt called to do something so important but can’t quite put your finger on it?

Yes, that feeling! The feeling that calls you to help others identify and achieve their goals. The feeling that inspires you to help others get unstuck. The feeling that drives you to be the go-to accountability partner for your friends and co-workers. A feeling that burns so deep inside that you can't help but brainstorm solutions to help people fulfill their dreams.

White, yellow, and blue letters on small cans that spell out "I feel like makin' dreams come true"

We know that feeling too and wonder if you are ready to "answer the call to coach"!

Also known as life coaching, professional coaching, holistic coaching, career coaching, leadership coaching, wellness coaching, liberation coaching, you name it - this is your call to join one of the fastest growing industries by becoming a certified coach.

If you know this call too, then trust you are in the right place! At the Institute for Coaching Excellence (IFCE), we are on a mission to train a cohort of coaches who embody and lead their clients toward excellence. That means being a leader in the coaching industry and embodying a coaching mindset all day, every day.

We believe that coaching is a skill that anyone can develop and master with regular study and practice.

We believe that coaching is a skill that anyone can develop and master with regular study and practice. We believe that coaching is best accomplished through hands on learning and that business development is essential to being an excellent coach. We also believe that mentorship is critical to building competency and confidence, which is why our Co-founders have dedicated themselves to guiding each cohort through the foundations of coaching in a supportive, engaging, and focused learning environment.

Picture of 10 individuals holding up a #1 with their fingers to represent the IFCE's fist graduating class.
Picture of the IFCE's Inaugural cohort

So if you still feel that call, join us and our alumni on a journey of creating a coaching environment where you will gain the skills needed to grow a thriving coaching practice, grow personally and professionally by surrounding yourself with like-minded coaches, and excel by aligning your unique coaching approach with the International Coaching Federation's Core Competencies.

We warmly invite you to complete an Interest Form and join us for a Tuesday Information Session to share your call to coaching, meet the course instructors, and learn what it takes to become a Certified Life, Leadership, & Executive Coach in just six months. We can't wait to hear from you!

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