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Our Commitments

The IFCE and its instructors are committed to embodying excellence in everything we do; that means committing wholeheartedly to equity, inclusion, ethics, and integrity so that we can better serve as leaders in the coaching industry and mentors to the next generation of professional coaches. 

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Equity & Inclusion

Because we believe everyone can coach, we are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming space where all students feel respected and empowered to participate fully.

That means we welcome and celebrate your lived experience and wisdom regardless of age, gender identity or sexual orientation, ability, language, religious belief, learning style, citizenship or health status, education level or social status.


All IFCE instructors commit to:

  • Ensuring our materials are representative of the communities we coach

  • Working with students so that their accessibility & thrive ability needs are met

  • Creating opportunities for feedback and improvement

  • Integrating identity and equity into our ethics and coaching coursework

  • Grounding our interactions with group agreements to create a safer space

  • Investing in our students by creating income opportunities

Ethics & Integrity

As a coaching institution aligned with the International Coaching Federation, all IFCE instructors commit to embodying ethical practice and integrity by acting responsibly with our clients, committing to regular practice and performance, upholding professional standards in all interactions, and working for the advancement of society and all people. 


This means that all IFCE instructors agree to abide by the;

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