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New Beginnings

We are back this Spring with some exciting updates; we launched our Spring 2024 Cohort and hired a group of dedicated professionals to support our growing program! Read on to meet our new community members and for important enrollment updates.

Announcing our Spring 2024 Cohort

Our 7th Life, Leadership, & Executive Coach Training Cohort kicked off March 6th and we are thrilled to be expanding our IFCE community with such a talented group! 11 coaches from the United States and Canada will journey together over the next 6 months to meet the following Course Objectives:

  • Master the ICF’s Code of Ethics and Core Competencies

  • Obtain a PCC Level coaching proficiency

  • Complete the Business in a Box to start or grow your practice in 6 months

  • Complete a final Capstone Project to launch your coaching practice

  • Think critically about the role coaching plays in social change & development

We look forward to announcing their individual specialties and coaching practices on August 21st when they graduate. Join the conversation on LinkedIn to follow their work and to wish them well on the journey ahead.

Fall 2024 Enrollment Update

Enrollment for our Fall 2024 semester will begin on May 13th! Two concurrent Cohorts will kick off late September and run through the Spring of 2025. We will enroll up to 24 students, and currently have 20 seats left. Below are the course meeting times, dates, and important enrollment deadlines.

  • Fall 2024 enrollment opens: May 13th

  • Cohort A kickoff: September 24, 2024 - March 18, 2025 | Tuesdays, 8:00 - 11:00 am MT

  • Cohort B kickoff: September 25, 2024 - March 19, 2025 | Wednesdays, 3:00 - 6:00 pm MT 

  • Last Day to Enroll: October 15, 2024

Our program was designed to accomodate your work-life and full schedule. Students can miss up to 5 classes, and all recordings and slides are made available after each lesson. The IFCE is also closed the week of November 25th for Indigenous People's Day/Thanksgiving and for two weeks the last week of December and the 1st week of January. Enrollment begins with attending an Information Session and includes submitting your enrollment form and paying your $300 enrollment fee to hold your seat in class. The final step is signing a student agreement and setting up a tuition payment plan. Click here to learn more about the admissions process or to start your journey.

Join an Information Session

If you're ready to launch a coaching business, or thinking about becoming an accredited coach, then join us at an upcoming Information Session to learn about our ICF-accredited Life, Leadership, & Executive Coach Training Program. During Info Sessions we discuss our curriculum, review course activities, and share our approach to affordable, inclusive, and human-centered learning. We will also provide an overview of the credentialing process and make time for introductions and questions.

Meet our Team!

In March of 2024, IFCE Co-founders Alexis Goggans, PCC and Christian Hartley, PCC hired 3 experienced ICF professionals to serve as instructors and to deapen our commitment to equity and inclusion, economic empowerment, and increasing student engagement and learning. We also hired an Executive Assistant & Operations Support Lead to help us grow into the next chapter of excellence. We are excited to introduce you to the team below!

Vivian Padua, MCC, FFC, AFC

Instructor & Student Business Team Lead

Vivian Padua (she/siya) joined the IFCE as an Instructor in March of 2024. In addition to leading our Business Building Module, Vivian serves as a Mentor Coach and team lead for student Business Development and "Let's Make It Happen" planning. Vivian is Lead Instructor for:

  • Lesson 10: Business Planning

  • Lesson 11: Business Building

  • Lesson 12: Financial Management

  • Lesson 13: Business Branding & Dev.

  • Lesson 14: Business Admin. & Growth

Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk, PCC Instructor & Curriculum & ICF Accredidation Team Lead

Carrie-Ann (she/her) joined the IFCE in March of 2024 as an Instructor. Carrie-Ann is a Mentor Coach and Team Lead on ICF accredidation renewal and curriculum design. She also supports our Meetup community & is Lead Instructor for:

  • Lesson 2: Introduction to the ICF

  • Leson 15: Active Listening

  • Lesson 16: Powerful Questions

  • Lesson 17: Evoking Awareness

  • Leson 18: Facilitating Client Growth

Elonda Johnson, PCC, NBC-HWC

Instructor, DEIB, & Student Engagement Team Lead Elonda Johnson (she/her) is a Mentor Coach, Instructor, & the team lead for diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging (DEIB). She also leads student engagement & professional development for instructors. She is Lead Instructor for:

  • Lesson 6: Establishing the Agreement

  • Lesson 7: Maintaining the Agreement

  • Lesoon 8: Cultivating Trust & Safety

  • Lesson 9: Coaching Presence

  • Lesson 19: Excellence in Life, Leadership, & Executive Coaching

Brandi Jimenez, MPA

Executive Assistant & Operations Support Lead

Brandi Jimenez (she/her) joined the IFCE in March of 2024. She serves as the Executive Assistant to IFCE founders and also supports program development and logistics as our Operations Support Lead. Her current responsibilities include:

  • Prospective Student Engagement

  • Student Engagement Tracking

  • Scheduling & Technology Support

  • Curriculum Development Support

Expression of Gratitude

After almost 4 years in business, we are incredibly grateful to have helped so many people answer the call to coach. Not only are we celebrating our 7th cohort to date, but we had our first two students receive their Associate Certified Coach Credential - a huge milestone! Our founders wish to thank everyone who has helped us to get this far. We are especially grateful to our students (especially our 1st cohort) for trusting us with your coach training education and to our families and past coaches for support and guidance. We also wish to express since appreciation for our new instructors and team members who already helping us grow and improve our program. We can't wait to grow with you over the next two years!

About Us

The IFCE was founded by Alexis Goggans, PCC & Christian Hartley, PCC in 2020 with one mission- to create diverse cohorts of competent and confident coaches who become leaders in the coaching profession. Since 2017, Christian & Alexis have provided life, leadership, and executive coaching to leaders, organizations, and agents for social good. Together they have more than 12 years of formal experience deepening their study of coaching while running successful coaching businesses. Now they are putting their talents together to empower coaches with an ICF-accredited Certificate in Life, Leadership, & Executive Coaching. To date, Christian and Alexis have stewarded 7 cohorts of over 50 aspiring coaching professionals! Visit our website to learn more about our wonderful students and our commitment to economic empowerment, and affordable, human-centered learning.

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