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Vivian Padua, MCC, FFC, AFC

Instructor, Student Business Support & Let's Make it Happen Lead
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Vivian Padua, MCC, FFC, AFC (she/siya) joined the Institute for Coaching Excellence as an Instructor in March of 2024. In addition to leading our Business Building Module, Vivian serves as a Mentor Coach and team lead for student Business Development and "Let's Make It Happen" planning. Below is her biography and a summary of the courses she leads.

Lead Instructor for:

  • Lesson 10: Business Planning

  • Lesson 11: Business Building Strategies

  • Lesson 12: Financial Management

  • Lesson 13: Business Branding & Development

  • Lesson 14: Business Administration & Growth


Vivian Padua is a Filipina ICF Master Certified Coach. Her pronouns are She/Siya. She is a mother of 5 strong-to-the-core daughters, and “Mama” to her 13 grandchildren. Vivian is passionate about helping individuals in low to high wealth communities excavate, identify and achieve their intentions and aspirations.

Vivian leads with mindfulness and healing and supports individuals in healing their mind, body and soul, spirit and heart. Family, faith, spirituality, community, and making a difference in the world is a priority for her.

Vivian has over 20 years of experience working with women entrepreneurs, colleges, businesses, couples, corporations, and community-based organizations. In additional to being an ICF MCC, she is also an ICF Mentor, Sage Financial Solutions Financial Fitness Coach®/Trainer, Mentor & Evaluator, AFCPE Accredited Financial Counselor®, Financial Coaching Skills Trainer, and CEO of Focus On U Coach.

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