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Congratulations Winter Class of 2023

Congratulations to our "Tiny But Mighty" cohort members, Hannah Atkinson Renglich, Deidra Montgomery, and Michelle Puckett for successfully graduating from our Life, Leadership, & Executive Coaching Program! Read on to meet each coach and learn about their tremendous efforts over the last 6 months.

Instructing the The Tiny But Mighty Cohort was a treat! It was clear from the first class that these coaches had high levels of self awareness and cared deeply about social change. Over the last 6 months, these students put in tremendous effort. They completed 22 lessons, 66 hours of virtual classroom instruction, 15 hours of peer coaching, and exceeded our definition of excellence by:

  1. Mastering the ICF’s Code of Ethics and Core Competencies

  2. Obtaining a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) coaching level

  3. Completing the Business in a Box to start, manage, & grow their business

  4. Completing a final Capstone Project to launch their coaching business

Meet Our Graduates

Deidra Montgomery (she/they)

Coach, Facilitator, Musician, & Consultant Founder of DM Consulting

Deidra supports individuals, groups, organizations, & projects seeking to make the world more joyful and just—helping them identify and chase their goals, assess and refine their practices, and develop the strategies, relationships, & resources they need. In her own words, "I am a coach because I believe in the infinite potential of all people. It’s about harnessing the wisdom you already have to achieve your goals."

Michelle Puckett (she/her)

Social Justice Coach, & Facilitator Founder of Michelle Puckett Coaching

Michelle uses somatics, emotional awareness techniques, and spiritual tools to help people heal from oppression and self-doubt so they can cultivate justice & joy in their lives.

In her own words, "Know how excellent and just right you are, so that when you do make a mistake, it no longer knocks you from your center, but instead falls into perspective as what it is: totally human."

Hannah Atkinson Renglich (she/her)

Coach, Facilitator, & Consultant Founder of Hannah Renglich Consulting Hannah is a companion along the way for those dedicated to leaving this place better than they found it. She supports people to achieve their goals for well being at every scale, infusing the process with delight, ease, and wonder.

Hannah’s approach is an accompaniment to your process, gently creating containers for connection, creativity, and ease. She skillfully and creatively holds space for transformation to occur.

Curious About Coaching?

We couldn't be more proud of the compassion, dedication, and commitment to excellence our Tiny But Might Cohort demonstrated. We invite you to follow their work on social media and inquire about their coaching services. And if you are interested in joining us for a future cohort, we warmly invite you to RSVP for an Information session. Classes start April 25th and we still have 5 spots left!

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