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Meet our Fall 2023 Fellow - Kate Madigan

We are happy to introduce you to Kate Madigan, a student from our Winter 2023 Cohort and our Fall 2023 Fellow. We personally want to offer our gratitude for the positive attitude, incredible work ethic, and commitment to evidence-based social change that Kate Madigan brings to her coaching practice and consulting work. In addition to Kate receiving the highest score on her Capstone Project after going above and beyond to complete the optional Promotional Business Package, Kate has already taken on 3 clients since her graduation in July!

Read on to hear Kate talk about her inspiring work as an IFCE Certified Executive & Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator working to build a more just and sustainable world. And be sure to follow her on LinkedIn to stay informed of her work.

Can you tell us about yourself? I am a lifelong environmental and social justice advocate, and for over 20 years I have led climate and environmental campaigns and nonprofits. I have a master’s degree in intercultural management and a bachelor’s degree in ecology. More recently, I received advanced training in facilitation, and I am now a certified coach through the Institute for Coaching Excellence.

In July 2022 I started my consulting and coaching business, so I now apply this experience and skills to help leaders and organizations make a bigger impact. I started this business in part to help model a new way of work that is full of abundance, flow, self-care, agency, and heart while also supporting the larger mission of sustainability and justice.

I live in Traverse City, Michigan with my husband and two children. In my spare time, I love to hike, float rivers, swim in Lake Michigan, and volunteer in my community.

What motivated you to become a coach?

While an executive director of a climate organization I co-founded, I worked with a coach myself. It was a transformative experience that really helped me become a better leader, grow personally and professionally, and even take the leap to starting my own business. I realized what a powerful tool coaching is and I wanted to provide that service for other leaders. I also wanted to gain coaching skills so I could apply them to other aspects of my work.

What services do you offer?

My consulting work focuses on climate and energy advising, program development, and organizational development. I am doing a lot of work right now to help local and Tribal governments access more of the historic federal funding now available for sustainability and climate initiatives. I also provide workshops on a number of topics, including overcoming and preventing burnout in your organization and how to facilitate engaging meetings with ease.

As an executive coach, I specialize in working with non-profit leaders to overcome challenges, lean into their strengths, make a career change, and find more work-life balance. I offer one-on-one coaching packages, and also coach teams within organizations.

Given my extensive experience managing large projects and programs, I also offer event design, facilitation, and planning services for value-aligned clients.

How would you describe your coaching style? I truly believe that my clients hold the answers, and as a coach I hold space and ask questions to uncover the power within them. With my background leading nonprofits, I often provide consultative coaching with my clients where I am a thought partner with them in areas of their work where they need support - like developing fundraising materials and campaign plans.

As needed, I bring in evidence based tools including Strengths Profile assessments, S.M.A.R.T. Goal Planning, facilitation techniques, and time management processes. My methods draw inspiration from systems thinking, intercultural communication, appreciative inquiry, social change theory, and neuroplasticity. What was it like being an IFCE student?

I loved the IFCE course. I learned so much and it really prepared me to be a good coach and help my clients get the results they are seeking, and to develop my business. It also made me embrace being a lifelong learner and constantly pushing myself to grow too.

The course provided so much content and opportunities to learn while still being manageable to do alongside running a business and raising a family. The course prepared me with coaching theory and knowledge as well as the practical coaching skills and skills and knowledge to build my business. IFCE has developed many of their own tools and resources that I use all the time in my coaching and my business.

I really liked that this is a boutique program, so it’s a small group experience with so much personalized attention. Our cohort really became a community, and I miss seeing them weekly. Alexis and Christian have a wealth of knowledge, and provide such helpful feedback and mentorship. Everyone is matched with a peer coaching partner to meet with regularly, and that coaching practice was invaluable. At the end we all presented a Capstone project that wrapped together everything we had been learning and it was powerful to see how far everyone had come as coaches and in their businesses.

What have you been up to since graduation?

I am currently working with six different clients as a climate justice consultant and I love all the projects! I had previously been coaching several folks one on one and am in a place where I actually have to say no to work so I can enjoy this wonderful work-life-balance I have worked intentionally to carve out for myself. What advice would you give to individuals thinking about becoming a coach?

If you are being called to coaching, I say go for it. Coaching is a growing field that really makes an impact on people and organizations. I highly recommend the IFCE certification program where you’ll get the skills and knowledge to be an excellent coach, and will learn a lot about yourself in the process.

Any final words to share?

I’m honored to be the IFCE Fellow, and I’m grateful to Alexis and Christian for this course and for modeling how to run a business that makes a positive impact on the world.

Interested in working with Kate?

To schedule a free introductory consultation with Kate, find a time to meet using her Calendly. While she does not have any upcoming public events scheduled, she is currently accepting coaching clients and will also be open to more client-aligned work in 2024.

Kate is a respected coach. In fact 100% of her peers recommended her coaching services. We are encouraged by how much Kate has accomplished since making the transition to working for herself full time. We are excited to see her sharing her skills as a Certified Life, Leadership, & Executive Coach and leader in executive & climate justice coaching.

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