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Our Philosophy

About: Team Members

Our Vision

We envision a diverse cohort of confident, competent, and successful coaches who are established leaders in the coaching profession.

Our Culture

We are a boutique training institute that believes coaching programs should be affordable, inclusive, and human-centered. We also believe in the power of coaching! Our instructors bring humor and dedication to every student interaction. We are committed to investing in our students and creating a resource-rich environment that advances the coaching profession while helping students excel in the art of coaching. 

Learn more about our culture and commitments.

Theory of Practice

  • Coaching is a skill that anyone can develop with regular study and practice.

  • Coach training is best accomplished through hands on learning.

  • Business development is just as important as excellent coaching is to success.

  • Mentorship is essential to building competency, confidence, and leadership.

  • Cultivating a coaching mindset fosters growth while advancing the profession.

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